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Cooking for your pet

Posted on 08 September 2016

If your like 100's of our readers.  The desire to make sure we are looking after our pets nutrition is of paramount importance.  Sadly, there is still a fare amount of confusion online and depending on which veterinarian you speak with, you can get varying answers. 

This one might seem very easy to answer given the fact our pets still haven't mastered the skill of turning on a cook top and cooking for themselves. However the truth is, our pets aren't eating directly from their food source ie food is coming from the butcher or from supermarket as styrofoam packed meat. Depending who you speak with.  You might hear conflicting answers.  Feed raw as this is what a dogs gut is used to, however on the flip side, if you buy your meat over slaughtering it fresh yourself.  You can't be sure of what kinds of nasty bacteria the meat may have picked up along the manufacturing and packaging line. 

Pet food has come along way and dog food companies spend alot of money on research and development. For now, the jury is out. 

The online post by RSPCA "What to feed your dog" is a good guideline of what is healthy to feed your dog.  However, after LOTS of research we are still not completely clear that what we feed our dog wont have any short or long term effects on our fur-babies.


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